Photo Diary | Holiday!

 Photo Diary Holiday 2 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

Photo Diary | Holiday!

It is a very long time ago I take you along my life in a photo diary. My holiday started last Tuesday and before I packed my bags, I enjoyed my holiday at home. Take a look at my Photo Diary Holiday!

Tuesday evening I came home from work,  soaked by a hailstorm. But I didn’t mind. My holiday had started. The holiday I have looked for so long. I must always get the realization that it is so far. My own rhythm. Do what I want to do. Not too many obligations… So I decided to enjoy this holiday to the fullest and took two more days to spend it at home before we will leave for Nice.

What did I do these days? I will take you along in my photo diary Holiday!

Wednesday 3 May

I wake up early and see that the weather is better than they have predicted. The feeling that I can do what I want gives me a very nice feeling. I decided to take the train to Amsterdam, to shop a bit, to enjoy terraces and to walk along the canals. To celebrate my first day of my holiday in one of my Dutch favorite cities.

Amsterdam postcards - Photo Diary | Holiday!

Greetings from Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Brouwersgracht - Photo Diary | Holiday!

 Love this view on the Brouwersgracht

Amsterdam Spui - Photo Diary | Holiday!

‘t Spui is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. When the sun shines, I love to sit on the bench and watch the people go by. I love also to snooze around in the American Book Center Bookshop and Atheneum Bookshop. Both they have a lot of fashion and photography books. Each Friday there is a little book market. On the other side, you find Cafe Luxembourg, where you can enjoy a splendid lunch.

On my book wishlist at this moment:

Book Wish List 2 1024x728 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

Cafe Royal98 Amsterdam 2 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

Another favorite place of mine in Amsterdam. Cafe Royal 98 at the Dam corner. I love to sit at this table where I can watch people and make plans for the day. I can highly recommend the apple pie!

Keizersgracht Amsterdam - Photo Diary | Holiday!

As I walk through the streets of Amsterdam, I love to discover such photogenic places, like this little bakery with the wooden facade.

In the evening I returned home and had a lazy evening on the couch 🙂

Thursday 4 May

After a long but wonderful day in Amsterdam, I decided to have a good sleep. The sun was shining when I woke up and I felt the energy immediately. I enjoyed my breakfast in bed and read some blog posts. My plan for today? Do some writing work, schedule my blog posts for this month, making a list what I had to buy for my holiday, that sort of things…

Writing a book 2 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

I wrote 3000 words today! Proud of myself 🙂 It’s not an easy process I can tell you 🙂 but I love the story that I am writing and I hope you will also do when it will be published!

In the afternoon, after a writing a lot of words, I enjoy the sun in our garden with the new Paris Issue of my favorite online magazine, Amayzine. Amayzine, if you read this, I hope you will make more Parisian issues!
When my husband came home from work, we enjoyed a coffee together and prepared our meal: tortellini and an Italian salad.

Photo Diary Holiday 1024x858 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

In the evening I watched the Remembrance Day from the Dam in Amsterdam, where I walked yesterday! It is very impressive and very important that this day should not go by without our thoughts of the fallen in World War 2.

Friday 5 May

Day three of my holiday and I feel how relaxed I am. I do not mind much about the time and I feel how I needed this! Time for myself, time to do what I want to do…I get so much inspiration for my book and blog!

I enjoy my breakfast in bed and watching tv. It is a cloudy morning and I feel a little lazy 🙂 but I love this feeling at the moment. No planning, no meetings, at this moment I have “me”- time and I really enjoy it!

It is Liberation Day and I am taking the train to the center to do some shopping and just walk around. I love walking very much because, during my strolls, I can organize my thoughts. I wrote 3000 words yesterday, but I came to the point, that I do not know at this moment how the story will go on. But I don’t worry too much about it…the inspiration will be back, I am for sure!

Now we come to the end of this photo diary. I hope you liked it to see my first three holidays! If you want to see more from my daily life and what I am doing in Nice,  you can follow me on Instagram!

What are your plans this weekend?

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Photo Diary | Holiday!

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15 reacties

  1. Ik heb eindelijk weinig plannen dit weekend, ook voor’t eerst. Alleen morgen even kijken voor onze nieuwe tuin! πŸ™‚

    Leuke foto’s en fijn weekend nog xxx

  2. Looks like great holidays! ;))))…thank you for sharing you impressions! I’m also looking forward to my holiday! :))…Next week we’re going to a hotel in lana 4 sterne and I’m so happy about this! Missed holiday for two years now, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it all the time! Can’t wait for it ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ….So have a nice weekend and best wishes! Yours, Lena ;)<3

  3. Woow zie er geweldig uit, zou ik binnekort samen met mijn verloofde ook wel eens willen doen. Ik blijf je volgen,

    Alvast dank vor de inspiratie !



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