Photo Diary Holiday Lanzarote


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Photo diary holiday Lanzarote

Welcome to my photo diary Holiday Lanzarote! I am just back from this wonderful iseland, which my husband and I visited for the third time! It is a place where we can take our rest, to make long walks and do what we love to do the most: swimming, relaxing, enjoying good food and drinks and culture.

We spend our holiday at the Hotel Dream Gran Castillo in Playa Blanca. Last year I wrote this article about this wonderful hotel with his incredible friendly staff and lovely rooms.

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I love the architecture of this hotel, for example the entrance. The colors, the mosaic floor, it feels very cozy.


And then the pool. This hotel has seven pools and a snackbar where you can drink and eat some snacks all day.


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What to do

Playa Blanca is a wonderful place. It is a small village with a boulevard with a lot of restaurants and cafe’s with sea views. There is a shopping street where you can buy fashion, shoes, souvenirs and perfume. You can enjoy your drink and enjoy the view of the boats which departs and arrives to Fuerteventura.

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Personal note

This holiday was more relaxing because we saw a  lot of the island the last two times. But I feel very at home here. I was very tired when we left Holland and I wouldn’t think about planning, agenda’s and duties. We’ll see, that was the credo of this holiday and I really liked that! Then you realize how busy your life really is and it gave me something to think about…

Fuerteventura tour

Thursday, we took the ferry to the island of Fuerteventura. I was very curious about the difference of this island, compared to Lanzarote. Well, I will be honest. I love the landscape and nature. This island is much bigger then Lanzarote and has less inhabitants and a vast landscape. Many little sleepy villages, that can be beautiful but I prefer Lanzarote. But I am very glad that we have seen this island!

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We traveled to Arrecife by bus. Three years ago, we visited the capital of Lanzarote for the first time, but then we were later on the day and the shops closed for the siesta. Now we departed earlier and this was a good choice, because the city was more lively. We discovered a new part, where I will write more about in another post. So stay tuned 🙂

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Market Marina Rubicon – Playa Blanca

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9.00 till 14.00 there is a market at the Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca. It is a very lively market where you can buy local crafts, fashion and gadgets. It’s fun to enjoy a drink at “Cafe Terrazza” or “Vino Blanco” where you have a good view on the harbour and market.

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Teguise market

This is one of the most beautiful things to do on this island! The Sunday market of Teguise. Last week, I wrote about this former capital of Lanzarote. It is a worth a visit.

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Enjoying Summer

When the rain dropped in Holland, we enjoyed summer at the pool with a lot of fun, reading good books and just enjoying holiday and the good weather. We were very tired of everything and this was the best place to stay for a while 🙂

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So, have you ever been at Lanzarote?

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  1. Ik heb zo genoten van je vakantie foto’s! Zag er zo heerlijk uit. Ben nog nooit op Lanzarote geweest maar ziet er wel uit als een place to visit. Hoop dat je lekker bent bijgekomen.

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