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2016 05 162 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

Outfits Summer Inspiration

When the summer was over last year, I decided to sell a lot of clothes which I was wearing. I succeeded! On a rainy day, I decided to get myself in the Summer mood and ordered a few things of H&M and Zalando. I decided also to create a new style then I always did and used to. I was ready for something new, wearing something that I’ve never worn…I mean the jumpsuits. I have no size 36 and I don’t wear dresses often (I wear them during holidays, when I go to the breakfast room or at home) and to wear always shorts…I wanted something different. So I ordered a few jumpsuits and shirts and accessories.

Collage HM Outfit 1024x768 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

2016 05 161 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

When the package was delivered, I felt a little bit nervous. How would it be? I hoped that I wouldn’t be disappointed because I love to try something new! I was very uncertain at the moment,  but I unpacked the package and started with the fitting session. The first garment I tried was the classy blue jumpsuit and I didn’t believed what I saw in the mirror. It fit! Very well, if I may say 🙂 The same I can say about the long kaki jumpsuit…I was so happy about it! Because of this success, I ordered the same jumpsuit in pink. You can’t never have enough of them I can say now!

My mission to try something different succeeded and I can’t wait to wear them and to style them each time in a different way. And now I have to wait for Summer!

Collage HM Outfit 2 1024x768 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

HM Outfit 7 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

HM Outfit 4 1024x768 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

Which of the outfits  do you like the most? And do you like to wear jumpsuits? I love to hear from you!


pinit fg en rect red 28 - OUTFITS | Summer Inspiration

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