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Two years ago I traveled to Lanzarote for the first time and I am honest with you. When we drove to the hotel with the bus, I thought: what is this? I didn’t liked it in the first instance. Not so much colours in the landscape, black, dry….

We stayed in an hotel in Playa Blanca. Hotel Dream Gran Castillo, near the Papagayo Beach. A very large resort that is part of the hotelgroup Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts and built in Canarian style. As the name suggests, the hotel is built like a castle and at the whole complex are examples to be found, such as wooden bridges, “bullet holes” in the walls and the many passages.


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When we got the key of our room, I was astonished by the space of the room. All the rooms are in Colonial style,  light and spacious with a small living room and a large balcony with sea view (not all rooms have sea view!) and an beautiful decorated bathroom with a bath and shower.

That’s what I wanted right now!

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After a good night sleep, I saw everything in a different way. For instance, the beautiful sea view, the very delightful meals that are also a feast for the eyes and the friendly staff. They made time for a little chat every day. During the evening you could enjoy a good entertainment of the animation team that has very joyful shows.

We’ve traveled a lot and we have been in many hotels, but this hotel is high on our “most favorite” list.  If you are looking for peace and occasionally want to make an excursions and you love good food, I can highly recommend this hotel!

That’s why we chose for this hotel again this year and from the moment I had booked we were looking forward to two weeks of pampering and rest.


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The hotel has a wonderful swimming pool with sunbeds, parasols and a jacuzzi and a bar. There is a small pebble beach but when you would like to feel the sand between your toes, you can walk to Playa Blanca.

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Outside the resort we made different walks to Playa Blanca along the coast with beautiful views, I could not stop making photos 🙂 My first impression of the landscape of this island vanished like frost under the morning sun. The footpath along the sea was one of my favorite walks. The village is not very big but very cozy with nice restaurants and shops on the boulevard. Such a beautiful surrounding!

thumb IMG 2346 1024 001 - Hotel Dream Gran Castillo

It was very pleasant to make a morning walk to Playa Blanca and enjoy a cup of coffee and watching the ferries departed for Fuerteventura. We made a few excursions on the island, you can read our adventures here and here. For me, this hotel is the place were I got my rest, the fun with the wonderful animation team and the opportunity to see a lot of the island.

See you (hopefully) next year!

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