From Amsterdam With Love

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Thursday morning, I took a day off. Outside it is cloudy and grey but my phone tells me that it will be better later in the day. So I decide to took the train to Amsterdam. To take pictures, to stroll around, without a plan…

From Amsterdam With Love

In my teenage years I developed a huge love for Amsterdam. My parents took me to the city and we first visited the Anne Frank House because I was very interested in that sad history. After this visit, we strolled along the canals and I was impressed by the houses, the narrow streets, the beauty of this city. At home, I borrowed books from the library to read about Amsterdam and I visited the city many times, also on my own. Amsterdam was my favorite city. From Amsterdam with Love.

Amsterdam3 - From Amsterdam With Love


I arrived in Amsterdam and it was raining. It didn’t matter to me and decided to enjoy a coffee with a view on the IJ river. I felt the relaxed feeling of “nothing should anything goes”. Just what I needed!

The rain stopped and I walked in the direction of the Haarlemmerstraat. It is funny, because each time I am in Amsterdam I start my walk there. It is also because I hate the Damrak with his crowds. The Haarlemmerstraat is a wonderful streets full of (vintage) boutiques, traiteurs, restaurants, cafe’s. Once, my husband and I enjoyed dinner at Bistrot Neuf, I can highly recommend it!

Haarlemmerstraat Amsterdam - From Amsterdam With Love

The route

Haarlemmerstraat – Prinsengracht – Leliegracht – Raadhuisstraat – Herengracht – the “Nine Streets” (Wolvenstraat, Berenstraat, RUnstraat and Huidenstraat for today :)) – Prinsengracht – Leidsestraat – Leidseplein – Prinsengracht  – Reguliersgracht – Thorbeckeplein – Rembrandtplein – Halvemaansteeg – Kloveniersburgwal – Staalstraat – Groenburgwal – ‘s-Gravenlandseveer – Nieuwe Doelenstraat – Rokin – Kalverstraat – ‘t Spui.

15 Km’s of walking! The first part of this walk I took a lot of pictures of the canal houses. My mission was to  capture the life on the Amsterdam canals. I hope I succeed!


Amsterdam1 - From Amsterdam With Love

Haarlemmerstraat, the start of my walk. A street full of lovely shops and gastronomy.

Amsterdam4 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam5 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam6 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Hartenstraat, one of the famous “Nine Streets.” I love these streets full of lovely boutiques, where I get so much fashion inspiration. I also like the unique items you can find here.

Amsterdam7 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam8 - From Amsterdam With Love

After a storm, comes a calm.

Amsterdam22 - From Amsterdam With Love

I love Vintage Shop – Prinsengracht 201

Amsterdam9 - From Amsterdam With Love

Look at that bike! 🙂

Amsterdam10 - From Amsterdam With Love

This scene gave me a French feeling.


Amsterdam11 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam12 - From Amsterdam With Love

This corner of the Prinsengracht is one of my favorite! Look at the balconies!

Amsterdam13 - From Amsterdam With Love

Just love!

Amsterdam14 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam15 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam16 2 - From Amsterdam With Love

Looks delicious, don’t you think?

Amsterdam16 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam19 - From Amsterdam With Love

New discovery: vintage shop “1953 Retro & Chic” in the Staalstraat 2

Amsterdam20 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam18 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

Amsterdam23 - From Amsterdam With Love

Location: Groenburgwal/’s-Gravenlandseveer. This was a new part of Amsterdam which I discovered this time. Just a perfect place to rest my feet and enjoy the sun and this stunning view. 

Amsterdam21 1024x768 - From Amsterdam With Love

‘t Spui with two of my favorite bookshops. The American Bookstore and Athenaeum bookshop and many benches to enjoy the sun and the purchase 🙂


Have you ever been in Amsterdam? If so, what did you like the most?



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12 reacties

    1. Dank je wel! Ik loop naar de Haarlemmerstraat, vind ik ook een mooi stukje om te wandelen. En als ik weg ga uit Amsterdam, dan pak ik meestal de tram, om weer dat Damrak te vermijden. Of ik loop over de Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, die is ook niet zo druk 🙂

  1. Ik woon vlak bij Amsterdam dus kom er best vaak, toevallig ga ik er vanmiddag ook weer heen om bij de Gay Parade te kijken 😉 De sfeer in Amsterdam is altijd zo geweldig, en er lopen zoveel verschillende soorten mensen rond. Ik hou ook van de 9 straatjes, daar zitten zoveel leuke winkeltjes.

  2. Ik was nog nooit in Amsterdam, maar staat zeker op mijn TravelBucketList. Heerlijk om zo de trein te nemen, zonder plan (al moet ik toegeven dat ik toch wel graag uitstippel waar ik heen ga :p )

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