Caprice Vintage Shop

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 Caprice Vintage Shop

In the novel that I’m writing, the main character discovers a beautiful garment in a vintage shop. The beauty of vintage is the story behind of the garment or the accessory. Who wore it? What’s the story behind of the pieces?

Two years ago, I visited this cute shop for the very first time. The photos in this article are from that visit in September. In a narrow street in the old town of Nice (they could not find a better location in my opinion), between the old pastel-colored houses, I passed by a original and excellent vintage shop that caught my attention immediately: Caprice Vintage Shop. The window was decorated with an old piece of furniture and a mannequin was wearing an ocherous suit.

I walked into the store and was greeted by the friendly and enthusiastic owner. There was a “vintage smell” and I felt the need to go on treasure hunting. On every shelf, in every cabinet, I discovered a piece of great historical value. Chanel, Burberry, Courreges, Hermes…the garments and accessories were of a very good quality. I kept my eyes wide open so that I wouldn’t overlook something.

I snooped around the clothes, accessories and home decorations. Caprice sells articles from the early 30s to the present. And I especially love the early 30s! In this shop you get the opportunity to create your own French Riviera glamour look for the evenings on the boulevard, in the casino of Monte Carlo, in the car for a ride along the coast….

I felt really great in this store which is a real paradise for vintage lovers and I can not wait until I go back to Nice in September and do a purchase in this lovely shop!

Caprice, thank you for your kindness!

For in your little black book

Caprice, 12 Rue Droite, Nice


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