Betty Blue

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Betty Blue

Friday afternoon in Amsterdam. It’s raining the whole day. Cold and cloudy weather. A perfect moment to find a nice place to have a cup of tea with sweets.

My friend and I found a wonderful place, called Betty Blue. It is a wide open place, very light with some industrial effects. The bakery breathes one word: SWEETS.
 There are vending machines where you can buy sweets. You can buy also tees and bags with funny prints on it.

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DSCN2774bewerkt - Betty Blue
You can make a selfie with a wonderful text 🙂
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The furniture is made of wood with blue accents or you can sit out on the couch and relax while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea and sweets.  At the back of the bakery you have a beautiful canal view.
20150222 092629 - Betty Blue
You can buy also tea and pickled lemons.
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We started the high tea (jasmin, green tea, black tea, rooibos) with savory pastries. A piece of bread with mozzarella, melted brie and a soft piece of bread with grilled vegetables and a quiche. I couldn’t almost wait for the scone with homemade lemon curd, jam and whipped cream :).
Then we feasted the chocolate cake and cheesecake and our stomachs were spoiled by this delicious high tea.
20150222 093716 - Betty Blue
DSCN2789bewerkt - Betty Blue
The next time I will try the salads. I am a huge fan of salad bars where you can create your own salad.
The staff is incredibly nice and we felt right at home. On their website you can read their credo:

“For You To Enjoy And Make You Feel Happy”

and I think, they certainly succeeded!

Betty Blue is a great address after a nice city walk or shopping morning. Stretch your legs and get pampered by the delights!

We’ll come back to this happy place!

IMG 0857 - Betty Blue

Betty Blue
Snoekjessteeg 1-3, Amsterdam

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