About Me

About Me


Welcome to my page!

My name is Darina and I am, beside of my full time job in an hospital, writer. With this blog I would like to illustrate my stories which are mostly set in Amsterdam, Paris and Cote d’Azur, which parts of France are very inspiring to me. This blog will also be my personal notebook in which you can read about my favorite things in life (Fashion! Books! Food&Drinks!) especially citylife.

The streets full of people (sometimes it is a real open air museum), the cafes, the skylines, the skyscrapers (the higher the better!), the architecture, the ambition of people (work hard to succeed), the energy..! All of this will be an inspiration for my future book(s).

On this page, you can find the articles, written by me,  which are published on several websites.

Do you have questions or do you want to work with me? You can send me an email at: darinanykl@gmail.com.

A few facts about me

Favorite things
Notebooks, fruits, cheese, books & magazines, Italian food, Paris, beach strolls

Guilty pleasures
Chocolate, croissants, buying too much books and notebooks and clothes 🙂

You can recognize me the best…
Wearing jeans, Converse sneakers or ballerina’s and a fashionable top and always a bag!

Favorite holiday
Sun & sea & beach, citytrips, a little bit adventure

If I had to choose in what decade I wanted to live …
I would choose the “Roaring Twenties.” I love the art, the writers and the clothing of that time very much. It’s very inspiring.

Carpe Diem
Live your life to the fullest
Do what you like!