A New Start

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A New Start

I love the month of September. After a summer full of sunshine, BBQ, beach and cocktails it is time forstarting something new or heading back to work. The shirts with palm prints are replaced by woolen jackets and knitwear. Children buy new pencils, notebooks, planners and schoolbags. Some people change their hair-and clothingstyle. The bookshelves in the bookstores are filled with new books. The roads are crowded with people heading back to work again. Parisian shopkeepers and restaurant owners come back from the South of France and turning the sign on the door from “fermé” to “ouvert.”

It is time for new plans and prospects!

In short, ordinary life has started again!

In France, they call it “la rentrée” and Ithink it’s a wonderful phenomenon!

It is wonderful to start with something new after the holidays and I hope you will have a wonderful time on my blog!

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