Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit

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Summer Outfit Inspiration with Esprit

After weeks of rain and cloudy weather, it’s time to get the summer feeling and summer fashion inspiration with Esprit and go on a shopping spree! Esprit is one of my favourite fashion brands, because the clothes always fit very well and I love the many styles you can create in many different ways. When I have booked an holiday or a city trip I always buy something new 🙂 Clothes means more to me than only the wearing function. Some clothes which I wear during holidays, take me back to that destination when I am back home. They are just like photographs. Nice memories…

I have collect four outfits for three occasion this summer. To the city, to the beach, to Paris and to the airport. Earlier, I shared my summer inspiration outfits with you. So, get inspired!

To the City

You have planned an afternoon in the city. A little bit of shopping, visiting a gallery and after that, to rest your feet, to enjoy a drink or lunch on a sunny terrace. This outfit is lovely to wear and to stroll through the streets and have a splendid time!


2016 06 29 1024x640 - Summer Fashion Inspiration with Esprit

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Photo Diary Holiday Lanzarote


Lanzarote 1024x768 - Photo Diary Holiday Lanzarote

Photo diary holiday Lanzarote

Welcome to my photo diary Holiday Lanzarote! I am just back from this wonderful iseland, which my husband and I visited for the third time! It is a place where we can take our rest, to make long walks and do what we love to do the most: swimming, relaxing, enjoying good food and drinks and culture.

We spend our holiday at the Hotel Dream Gran Castillo in Playa Blanca. Last year I wrote this article about this wonderful hotel with his incredible friendly staff and lovely rooms.

pickerimage2 - Photo Diary Holiday Lanzarote

I love the architecture of this hotel, for example the entrance. The colors, the mosaic floor, it feels very cozy.


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Instagram Photo Diary June

Welcome to a new edition of Instagram Photo Diary June! How does my life looked like besides working and blogging this month? On Instagram I share my favorite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration, nature, everything what inspires me!

pickerimage - Instagram Photo Diary June

✒ Summer fashion, I really love it. I wrote an article about my new buys for this summer ✒ Asparagus season! We enjoyed it two times, delicious and healthy! ✒ I love Amsterdam, especially when it’s a sunny day. I wrote an article about it ✒ My Parisian view from my desk 🙂 ✒ We visited the brocante fair at “Slot Loevestein”, it was a beautiful day with beautiful brocante things  ✒ A Dutch picture ✒ Our Parisian corner in the living room. I can highly recommend the book “Parijs in Stijl” (The Paris Style Guide – Elodie Rambaud) ✒ Strawberry cake, always a good idea! ✒Summer in the city of Kleve, Germany

image 1024x1024 - Instagram Photo Diary June

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Caprice Vintage Shop

20141019 095700 1024x640 - Caprice Vintage Shop

 Caprice Vintage Shop

In the novel that I’m writing, the main character discovers a beautiful garment in a vintage shop. The beauty of vintage is the story behind of the garment or the accessory. Who wore it? What’s the story behind of the pieces?

Two years ago, I visited this cute shop for the very first time. The photos in this article are from that visit in September. In a narrow street in the old town of Nice (they could not find a better location in my opinion), between the old pastel-colored houses, I passed by a original and excellent vintage shop that caught my attention immediately: Caprice Vintage Shop. The window was decorated with an old piece of furniture and a mannequin was wearing an ocherous suit.

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A Sunny Day in Amsterdam

thumb DSCN2979 1024bewerkt 001 - A Sunny Day in Amsterdam

A Sunny day in Amsterdam

From the first time I visited Amsterdam, I have closed this city in my heart for always. Even when it rains, I love to be here and to enjoy a tea in a café. But fortunate the sun was shining when I decided to travel to Amsterdam during my day off.

The city is very inspiring for me as a writer and that’s why it has a prominent place in my book. I was walking along the canals and saw a wonderful canal house. A perfect location for the story! I walked down the street to soak up the atmosphere to describe in my book.

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