Amsterdam in One Day

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Amsterdam in one day

It’s been a long time that I visited Amsterdam for one day. I always get an uneasy feeling as I long have not strolled along the canals. When the train stops at the central station and I always have the feeling that I’ve landed in a different world, even though I am only an hour from home.  I love the diversity of the city. Creativity, history, modernism and sometimes a little eccentric. You can be who you want to be. 
The weather is getting better. At last this time of year has come! We are going outside! The terraces are full with cheerful people. There are more tourists who walked along the treasures of Amsterdam. The city is very photogenic at this time of the year. In the alleys and along the canals you will find unique shops, antiques, vintage, art. At each corner, in every street you will be surprised. You could take hundreds of photos.  The streets of Amsterdam are a great source of inspiration for me. That’s why I always take my laptop with me.

Amsterdam love

First I make a walk and then I sit down in a coffee cafe to work on my book. In the afternoon I shop a bit and discover new hotspots. And then I realize it’s has been a long while that I’ve been in Amsterdam. When I am in Amsterdam, I often fantasize how it would be if I had a house here. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am in a village when I am strolling along the canals. It can be very quiet, that you only hear the birds chirping. Just right in town! And it will be great to live in a house that has so much history.  For now I keep on dreaming and making many trips to Amsterdam :)I will take you to Amsterdam through my photo diary. Enjoy!
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