Writing Passion

Writing Passion

How did your passion for writing started?   

People asked me this question very often. The passion for writing started when I was 12 years old and read the diary of Anne Frank for the very first time. I got inspired by this diary and her writing. From that moment I started to keep a diary by myself. It was not really a diary with a lock, but a book with a green hard cover that I always hid. When I was writing in it, I discovered that I could organize my thoughts very well and I created my “own” world around me.

After a while, I didn’t get the satisfaction that I was looking for. I started writing short stories. The next step was a novella. I printed it and locked it in a closet.

And then it happened…

For years I wouldn’t touch it.

Four years ago I won the writing contest of “Vriendin” (Girlfriend) magazine, entitled “The Lavender House.” I found is so incredibly exciting that all the “Vriendin” readers would read my story.  How would it be if I could write a real book that would be sold in the bookshops?

Time passed by until I heard about a writing competition organized by publisher “Free Musketeers.” The deadline for submission was very short. Suddenly I remembered the manuscript of thirteen years ago. I searched in the closet, found the manuscript, wiped the dust from it and sent it to the publisher.

Two months after the submission deadline, I was called by Free Musketeers that my book “The night that changed her life” would be issued. I edited my book and my father designed a beautiful cover. My book would be issued according to the  “printing-on-demand” principle.

No stocks.

No books in stores.

But I enjoyed every minute of it that I could call myself a real writer from now on.

Writing became more and more important in my life. I found inspiration everywhere. A conversation or an article in a magazine or something in the street. One of the essential things in my handbag is my Moleskine notebook.  Research is a important thing during the writing process. I read a lot about the subject or the place where the story takes place.

The story “The Lavender House” is the basis for the novel I’m writing now. Currently, I write beside my full time job. That’s not always easy. I write a lot during weekends, holidays and days off. I love to write in a cafe where I order a big cappuccino and write at the big wooden table for hours, liking the buzz around me.

One time writing is easier than the other time. Unfortunately, I am familiar with the “writers-block”. But when I take a break from my book for a day, I have experienced, that the inspiration comes back automatically. My goal is to write a bestseller and I hope this book will fulfill my dream!



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  1. " the inspiration comes back automatically"Darina Nykl

    Your article is a ray of light for new writers, the history and the ways to be a successful. Pray for your new book, may be a bestseller.
    Thank you

  2. Wauw!
    Je staat echt al super ver… Ik hoop ooit ook mijn boek af te hebben. Overal lees ik dat schrijfwedstrijden echt helpen maar hoe helpt dat je precies? Ik bedoel, als ik ergens anders aan schrijf voelt het precies alsof ik mijn personages verraad 🙂 Begrijp je wat ik bedoel?
    Kim/Sam Donoghue recently posted…Trip naar IerlandMy Profile

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