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Writing Inspiration
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Writing Inspiration

During the writing process you can suffer from a writer’s block, which I wrote about in my previous blog. Another essential part of the writing process is inspiration. I will share my list of sources with you which gives me the most inspiration. I hope I will inspire you now :).


I like to be outside and stroll around in the city or in the beautiful nature.   It is good to take away from writing for a while and organize my thoughts. Usually, the inspiration come back soon then. During my strolls, I write my book in my head. Nature is very restful while the hectic of the city feeds the liveliness in my story.


I read a lot of books to learn of my favorite writers. I wrote earlier about my favorite books. I enjoy reading because I can dream away in the story and I am from my own environment for a little while, what may work for my own writing inspiration.


It is nice to share tips with each other on forums, so I can learn from other bloggers and writers.I read a lot of blogs about writing where I find a lot of tips on various topics that I need during the writing process (research, best places to write, write technique etc)

Watching movies or documentaries

I like to watch movies to learn about the dialogues and the characters. Dialogue writing is more difficult than you might think and watching films can contribute in making a conversation and characters more lively in ymy own writing


Traveling gives me the most inspiration. A different environment, people, other languages, impressions, places, food, cultures, I can spend hours on writing when I am in another country.


I’ll be honest, I’m a bit addicted to Pinterest. I can spend hours watching the most beautiful pictures of interiors, vintage, Paris, Amsterdam, Nice, fashion etc.You can follow me here http://www.pinterest.com/darinan/


Write down my thoughts, inspirations, quotes, a notebook is very important for me as a writer.

People watching

People watching fascinates me every time. What are they wearing, how they behave, how they move?

Writing in a café

I love to write in a cafe and drink cups of coffee.  Writing in a cafe or a library can be very stimulating. I am alone and not distracted by others and the buzz around me can be very inspiring.

Where do you find writing inspiration?

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  1. I can find almost everywhere, especially the things you mentioned in this post! I find people watching can often work the best when I have writer's block though. x

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