Writing Congress

Writing Congress

Writing Congress

For the very first time I have joined a writing congress. Last year, the tickets were sold. That was a pity, but I promised myself to make it a goal for the new year!

I’ve never been to  this kind of event and I found it quite exciting. But to get ahead in the world of writing.

The theme of the event was: “from dreaming to do it”(loosely translated!).

I had to go up early. It was cold and dark and very quite on the streets. In the train I was thinking about all the years I was dreaming about writing a book, publish it, meeting my readers and talk about the story. That’s why I love writing too. Meeting my readers who have  spend many hours reading (and enjoying I hope) your book.

One of my goals this year is to finish my second book. And I have to admit that I need a little help. To get tips how to deal with little time, how to set up my story?

Questions that I hoped to get an answer and to work further.

I had signed up for three sessions:

Blogging to book

It was very interesting to learn how your blog posts could be a book! Ans Slangen, the speaker of this session, picked up blog posts from her blog and provided it with tips. Very inspiring!

Design your own lay out

I learned a lot about the In Design program. We got a brochure with a flowchart to use at home.

Writing Congress

Writing a book: a one-man business

This was very inspiring, how your writing process looks like. You must see it as a business. In a nutshell:

After lunch, Dutch writer Abdelkader Benali was interviewed. He gave tips on how to deal with writing and the profession itself. He was very intriguing and humorous and he also talked about his experiences through the writing. He spoke quite freely and openly, and he had a very fresh look. Yes, I can say that I was quite excited.

Writing Congress

Between these sessions, you could visit a “writers market” and exchange experiences and talk about your book/blog projects. I met several interesting people who touches me in their own way how they would chase their dream: writing THAT book.

Writing Congress

I also had a nice conversation with Juliette, owner of My Lovely Notebook. I love notebooks and she had beautiful books with her at the market. I bought the Greatness Daily Journal, a notebook which I had on my wish list for a very long time!

Such a wonderful and inspiring day. This day ended with this inspiring quote:

Writing Congress

And now it is time to schedule “writing” time in my new journal and WRITE!!

Do you have ever been to a writers or bloggers event?

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13 reacties

  1. Zelf houd ik niet zo van congressen en andere grote events, maar van dit congres kan ik me voorstellen dat het bijzonder inspirerend moet geweest zijn. Leuk dat je deze ervaringen hier deelt!
    En… Ik wens je veel succes bij het schrijven van je tweede boek. Het gaat je vast wel lukken om dat dit jaar rond te krijgen.

  2. dank je wel Sunny, lief! Ik vond het ook ontzettend spannend om te gaan, omdat ik eigenlijk ook niet zo van de grote events e.d. ben, maar ik moest van mezelf gewoon een keer deze uitdaging aan. En nu ben ik blij dat ik het gedaan heb!

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