Writer’s Diary March

It’s time for my writer’s diary March! I always kept a diary when I was a teenager. Everyday I wrote my secrets down in that little book that I always cleaned up safely. I wrote many papers a day. Paper is patient, they always said. I have four boxes with diaries in the attic.
And now, many years later, I would like to start writing a diary again, on this blog. I will write about what I feel as a writer, what struggles me during that process, where I found inspiration to write. But other topics will be discussed too, my daily life and what keeps me busy.
In this way I hope to give a glimpse into my life as a writer who has also a fulltime job besides writing.

This month has flown! Really! Do you have the same feeling? I was longing for higher temperatures and more sunshine and during the second weekend of March, it was lovely to work  in the garden. The renovation of our living room is finished and we are so happy with our new living room! Friday March 11th was a very exciting day! The furniture was supplied which we had ordered last October. This renovation, which lasted several weeks, was very instructive time for me and now I am fond of house designs and interiors!
Due to this renovation, I had not so much time to write my book and I really missed it. If I want to achieve something with this book, I have to make a plan! Luckily I have the story in my head. I have worked out the characters, but I have to write it down and sometimes I struggle with time. This is not to be pathetic but to let you know how the life of a writer can be…
This was three weeks ago. Last Friday it was wonderful to sit down in our new living room and write. Just write. And I succeeded. I wrote more than 3000 words and I felt very proud on myself. My manuscript counts 60,000 words at this moment. Sometimes I can’t almost believe that I am so far with this manuscript…Little by little, I write to the plot….
Last but not least…I will share a few photos of last Easter. Easter was very pleasant with delicious food!
Do you have the dream to write a book?

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  1. Heerlijk dat het je gelukt is om het schrijven weer op te pakken. Kan me voorstellen dat met het verbouwen je te onrustig was.

  2. Ahhhh Pasen. Altijd zo'n gezellige sfeer en leuke kleurrijke dingen! Fijn dat het schrijven weer opgepakt is.

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