Where Do I write my Novel?

Where Do I write my novel?

Where do I write my Novel?

Four weeks ago, I took a day extra off to work on my book. It  was a long time ago that I could work on it. Where do I write my novel? I have the luxury that I have two places which feel very comfortable for me. The large wooden table in the living room and my desk in my study.

So what I want to do now is introduce you to my writing place that I used the most, the one in the living room.
Earlier this year, we renovated our living room. New floors, painted the walls, new furniture. When we were looking for new furniture, I had one great desire: a large wooden table. And there it is! It is a perfect place to read the newspaper of a magazine, to enjoy our dinners and to write.
It’s a perfect place facing the garden, which it very inspiring during the writing. Sometimes I need fresh air and walk a bit after hours of typing. My favorite drink is tea and I always listen to music. I can’t write in total silence.


It is very personal. One wants total silence, the other likes to listen to the radio or total seclusion. It took me a while before I knew what the perfect writing place was for me. I also love to write in a café, which I will do more in the future. For the variety and inspiration it’s important to change your writing place from time to time.

What I need

Good music, a cozy place where I feel good, a lot of tea and inspiration! That’s what I need during a day of writing.

Where Do I write my Novel?
Where Do I write my Novel?Where Do I write my Novel?
Where Do I write my Novel?Where Do I write my Novel?
What do you need during writing?  Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Mooi plekje hoor. Lijkt mij heerlijk om zo te kunnen zitten. Ik heb wat muziek nodig, een goede zitplek ivm mijn rug en eigenlijk niemand om mij heen. Dan komt schrijven goed.

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