What I’ve Learned Lately

What I've Learned Lately

What I’ve Learned Lately

This was my first workweek after my vacation, and I had to put a bit of courage to write this blog post. I do not want to grumble because I’m a very satisfied person, but sometimes it is too much.

A few weeks ago I noticed this feeling for the first time. Fatigue overwhelmed me and I had no inspiration at all. I decided to take more days off. I had to get used to the other rhythm. No alarm, no obligations, just what I wanted to do.

The first days

The first day of my holiday, I decided to go to Amsterdam and not to stay home. The weather was not beautiful, but that did bother me this time. I walked along the canals, visited my favorite bookshops and enjoyed what Amsterdam had to offer me. Just nothing on my mind.

The days after that I felt less tired and there came a new kind of energy instead. Time did not matter. I did what I wanted to do at that moment and I got new inspiration. I realized that I should say more “no”. Saying “no” has never been my strongest thing. I was always afraid of never being asked for something or not to be understood. The nonsense of course. I said “no”, it felt good, it was understood and now I practice it regularly.

“Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day!”

To France!

Monday, May 8th, my husband and I traveled to Nice, and when the wheels of the plane landed on the landing strip, I felt that this would be fantastic days. Just away from the familiar environment at home, to a familiar environment in France. Sun, sea, good food, beautiful views, I felt really blessed and happy. To be in another environment makes real miracles sometimes! I changed the sweater and jeans for a blouse and shorts. I strolled through the sunny streets of old Nice and ended up on a terrace. French life. I began to observe the French. Also fun for my blog I thought :).


What I've Learned Lately

What I observed was that the (most) French really enjoy the pleasures of the day. Often they drink a coffee on the sunny terrace before work. During lunch, they take the time to enjoy their meal and the social aspect of it. They walk at ease (okay, not all :)) through the streets and choose quality than for quantity. They strolled stylized through the shopping streets. Well-cut hairstyles and red lipstick on their lips.

Oui, I was really impressed by the French this time and the inspiration was back! I will write more about the French way of living on my blog.

And now?

Maybe I romanticize too much, but still. I was away from everyday life for a while and it opened my eyes. I have taken too much time for things that are not (always) important.  This time I could have spent more on other things and that’s what I’m going to do now.

These wonderful sunny days brought my inspiration for writing my book back.

That book will be ready. I promise!

Soon I will write more about how to cultivate a French State of Mind! So, stay tuned if you would like to learn more about the French way of living and thinking.

 What was your most recent learning experience?

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8 reacties

  1. Ik snap dat je even bent opgeknapt van je vakantie. Even een ander ritme en niet alleen maar ‘moeten.’ Ook goed dat je vaker je grenzen aan wilt geven, dat vind ik soms best moeilijk.

    Het is goed dat je jezelf de vraag stelt of het Franse leven nu werkelijk zo veel zonniger is dan het onze. Zelf vraag ik me ook wel eens af of ik de victoriaanse tijd niet te veel romantiseer. Maar ja, daar kan ik toch niet naar toe op vakantie. 😉 Ik denk dat als je je dagelijkse bezigheden mee naar Frankrijk zou nemen, dat het dan ook niet altijd zo geweldig zou zijn. Misschien is wat Franse rust importeren dan wel de beste optie. 😉
    Josephine recently posted…Boektip: Twee nieuwe boeken over Jane Austen en Koningin VictoriaMy Profile

  2. Wat fijn om te horen dat je tijdens die vakantie echt even kon bijkomen! Een andere omgeving kan soms zoveel schelen. Hopelijk kun je dit gevoel vasthouden. Succes en veel plezier met je boek!

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