Weekend Notes 7

Weekend Notes 7

Weekend Notes 7

It’s a long time ago that I shared my weekend notes. I decided to publish them more and I hope you’ll love it!

One of my favorite brands is Longchamp. I have collected now two Le Pliage bags and two toiletry bags. On their site you can watch short stories by Alexa Chung where she shares how she sees Paris and the Parisienne. It’s a must see!

The Sezane Boutique, (1 rue Saint Fiacre) in Paris is a must see!. I love the effortless chic style of this label and the shop looks wonderful.

I love the new tote bags illustrated by Kanako, known of My Little Paris. This is my favorite.

This perfume is on my wish list. What’s your favorite perfume at this moment?

Do you love such blog posts? Let me know in the comments. Merci!

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