Weekend Notes 6

Weekend Notes 6


Weekend Notes 6

Welcome to my Weekend Notes 6, where I share my favorite articles which I’ve found on the internet. I love to look for inspiration and here you can read a vary of articles about travels, food, facts, home interiors, fashion and many more. Get inspired!

What I found on the internet…

The blog of photographer, “Everyday Parisian” is a lovely read when you love Paris as much I do. Living Like a Parisian, who does not?

French women are very inspiring in the way how they style their outfits and their beauty routine. On the blog of “The Chriselle Factor, I found 5 French Beauty Tips. Tip number 4 I am working on these days!

Lately, I was scrolling on the internet and I found a new bag for on my wish list!

The best 20 cities in Europe. Which cities are on your travel bucket list?

The Coveteur, a passion project to explore the homes and closets of global street style stars and influencers (source: the Coveteur) has published their first book. I ordered it immediately!

And last but not least an inspiring quote:

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress – Coco Chanel

Enjoy your weekend!

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