The Love for French Vintage

The Love for French Vintage

The love for French vintage

First of all, what’s vintage exactly? Vintage clothing from the past that is now in vogue and gets a second life. Vintage clothing is named as it is manufactured between 1920 and late 70s. In 1971 Yves Saint Laurent first to launch the vintage style. It was called the “flea market fashion.” It was very popular and the number of vintageshops exploded!

Nowadays, vintage is populair because celebrities started wearing vintage dresses of famous designers. Especially unworn or new items are very popular, but rare. It is a way to preserve the history and also a way of sustainable living.

Vintage is often seen as a collector’s item and can be very valuable. That is one reason why it’s so nice to go treasure vintage hunting. Doing a special discovery adds to the fun!

How do you recognize vintage?

  • The labels with washing instructionsexistssincethe 60s.
  • Plastic zippers exists alsosincethe 60s
  • Pants and dresses from the 40s and 50shaveazipper on the sideinstead ofthe front or back
  • In the 30s and 40s they used a lot of nylon
  • The style of the clothes tells you from which period they are, but then it is necessary to have more knowledge of fashion history

Why do people love vintage?

When you wear vintage, you wear unique items. That’s so great about vintage. You don’t have the same clothes as other people. You can create your own style. The vintage style is mostly timeless so it’s easy to mix with today’s fashion. It’s lovely to wear clothes that has a history or tells a story.

In France, there are a lot vintage shops and marche au puces (flea markets) to go on treasure or bargain hunting. Vintage also exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. The vintage item tells the story of the life of people at that specific time. Sometimes it can relive memories from the past. It is the certain scent that can evoke a story of the item.

What’s the story behind the item? What kind of person wore it? How was her life like?

French Vintage

 La douce France is a very vast country and has therefore a very rich history and fine culture. This reflects in the vintage items. When people wears vintage, they keep the history alive.

France also has a large population and if someone dies then it happens that the complete house with all the furniture and other belongins are being purchased by a buyer. Often there are real treasures between all the stuff!

French people love to reuse and to repair items instead of throwing them away. That’s the reason that France is a very popular country for vintage, flea markets and antique lovers and collectors worldwide. French people like to do this as a hobby!

Besides of the vintage clothing, household linens, lace, flower paintings, bakelite radios and wardrobes are very popular items to look for at the many flea markets that France has.

Vintage addresses

There are a lot of vintage shops or flea markets in France.

These are my two favorites at the Côte d’Azur:

  • “Caprice Vintage Shop” in the old town of Nice, 12 rue Droite
  • The Saturday morning Flea Market on the opposite of the port in Cannes

When you have the plan to travel to France and go on vintage haunting, pop over here for more information.

Do you love vintage?


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  1. Wat een geweldig artikel! Ik ben gek op vintage/retro producten. Mijn zomerjas is geïnspireerd op de jassen uit de jaren ’60. Echt geweldig! Natuurlijk is het dan niet echt vintage, maar het komt tenminste in de buurt. Helaas zitten er bij mij in de buurt geen winkels die hierop geënt zijn.
    Esmay recently posted…London is the place to be! (2)My Profile

    1. Dank je Esmay! Bij mij in de buurt zitten er ook niet echt heel veel goede vintage winkels maar als ik naar een andere stad ga dan zoek ik ze van tevoren altijd op op internet

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