The Lavender Fields of the Provence


The lavender fields of Provence

Take a deep breath and let the lavender scents indulge your senses! You are in the Provence where the lavender fields symbolizes the local history and beauty of this lovely area!

“Lavender is the soul of Provence” –Jean Giono

The lavender season takes place between June and August. The best time to vist these beautiful fields are between the end of June to mid July. During these period, the fields will be in full bloom. The most famous lavender is in the village of Sault with the famous Senanque Abbey, which dates from the 12th century.

You can find the lavender fields in these distinct regions:

  • Pays d’Apt in the Luberon
  • Pays de Buech in the Baronnies
  • Pays de Digne
  • Pays de Forcalquier et Montagne de Lure
  • Pays de Valensole et du Verdon
  • Drome Provencale
  • Vallee de la Drome in the Diois

Lavender routes

In August, the lavender distilleries and farms organizes open houses. At these farms you can learn about the harvesting and how the distillation process works.

In Cousellet you can visit the lavender museum, where you can learn about the history and cultivation of the lavender.

It’s wonderful to plan a drive along the fields. Here you can find the Route de la Lavande that you can use to plan your route. You can imange how scented this route will be! A great tip is to look for a nice place for a picnic with buzzling bees around the lavenderfields in search of nectar.

Two important dates to during the lavender seasons are:

21st of July: “La fete de la Lavande” in Valensole

15th of August: “Lavender Harvest Festivale” in Sault


The Lavender Fields of the Provence

A few facts about lavender

  • Lavender is being used to make soap, cosmetics and you can use it in recipes. Lavender honey is really nice!
  • Lavender can be used for healing ways: throats and muscles aches, skin conditions and for reducing stress.
  • If you would like to dry your lavender, you must know that this process takes 2-3 weeks.
  • Lavender can be use for disinfectant and antiseptic reasons.
  • There are about 25 different types of lavender. The most common is the
  • Lavandula angustifolia  and the Lavendula stoechas.
  • Lavender means in Latin, to wash.
  • Lavender is cultivated all over the world.
  • Lavender is from the same flower family as mint.
The Lavender Fields of the Provence
It seems very nice to me to take a picture in a flowering lavender field once.

Do you love lavender?

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