Teguise – a beautiful village at Lanzarote

Teguise - a beautiful village at Lanzarote

Teguise – a beautiful village at Lanzarote

Teguise – a beautiful village at Lanzarote, is the former capital of Lanzarote (till 1852), the former capital of Lanzarote (till 1852, now it’s Arrecife), is one of the most beautiful villages  in my opinion. It is said, that Teguise is the most beautiful village of whole Spain!  It’s also a fascinating place. It’s well known of the market that takes place every Sunday.

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Best time to visit

Most of the time, the tourists visit Teguise only during this market and that’s a pity! When the narrow streets are full of people and stalls, you get no clue how beautiful this village really is. The best days to visit Teguise are Tuesday-Saturday.

Last year, we visited this village for the first time on another day and I was really surprised. It looked not the same as on Sunday. No stalls, no crowds, no noise…It was more a sleepy town, but I could see the beauty! The little white houses, the doors, the atmosphere…the silence…walking through the old cobbled streets….a village to get inspiration and to explore!

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What to see

The best tip is: stroll around, there is no “street-structure.” The central place is Plaza de la Constitucion where you can admire Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe.  The church dates from 1418, the year the village was founded. From here you can explore the streets with boutiques with paintings, clothes, little ateliers ( I can imagine that this village is a great source of inspiration!) and handmade accessories.

At the Calle Herrera y Rojas, you can find the Palacio del Marques where you can find many flowers at the entrance.

Are you looking for a good restaurant? Patio de Vino is a very good wine-restaurant.

At Plaza Maciot de Bethencourt you can admire murals at the houses, it is a real open-air museum!

But most of all what struck me immediately, was the silence in the village and friendly atmosphere. No crowds, just the real village life. It’s nice to sit on a bench at the main square  and enjoy this atmosphere.


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The Sunday Market

Each time, when we are spending our holiday on Lanzarote, I am looking forward to visit this market. There are so many stalls with locally handcrafts. I prefer to buy linen clothes, scarves and last year, I bought beautiful sandals! It is a real feast for the eyes and there is an atmosphere of sociability. I can say, that this market, is one of the many highlights of the island!

More information about this market and Lanzarote.

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Teguise - a beautiful village at Lanzarote
The Sunday Market

Have you ever been at Lanzarote?

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