Summer Fashion Inspiration


Summer Fashion Inspiration

Summer Fashion Inspiration

Lately I often went to go shopping for my new summer fashion inspiration. Besides of writing and photographing, shopping is one of my favorite things! I love to discover new shops and new brands and to feel the materials and get excited when I see something what’s on my wishlist.  This time I shopped very “safely”. I went to the H&M, C&A and I shopped at Zara on Lanzarote (where the shops are no mess :)) and I bought a beautiful timeless trenchcoat at the Bijenkorf (a wonderful Dutch department store which you can compare with Galeries Lafayette).

Now I find the sales always a kind of challenge, because I don’t want to buy something because of the reason that the item is cheaper. That’s why I use always one rule: one trend clothing, the rest timeless. I must say that I often don’t come home with a “trend-sensitive” item.

I made a few outfits for you. I hope you’ll like them!

Parisian Chic

Summer Fashion Inspiration
Trenchcoat: Opus Fashion

Summer Bag

This wicker bag, I bought in Arrecife, the capital city of Lanzarote. I will take this bag to my work, to the beach and on holidays in September.


Summer Fashion Inspiration
Bag: Lanzarote

My love for blouses and jeans

I have an huge love for blouses. When I am shopping, I have to take a look for a new blouse. It’s the same with jeans. Boring? No, I didn’t think so. Blouses and jeans are the two items that you can mix and match in many different ways. When it’s colder, with a blazer or a trenchcoat. When the weather is better, you can roll up the sleeves. During my last holiday, I wore many blouses over my denim shorts because my skin burned very quickly and it fitted better than a T-shirt in my opinion 🙂

Summer Fashion Inspiration
From left to right: white-blue striped blouse, blue blouse, kaki blouse: H&M, white-blue blouse: C&A, pink blouse: H&M, slippers: Michael Kors, green purse: Happy April



Summer Fashion Inspiration
From left to right: crème blouse: H&M, blue blouse: Zara, white blouse: H&M, coral blouse: Lanzarote
Summer Fashion Inspiration
Green purse: Guess

Which kind of summer clothing do you like the most?


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