Spring Feeling

Spring Feeling

Spring feeling!

After a week of rainy, grey and cold weather and not feeling well, there was my Spring feeling. It started with more sun on Saturday and on Sunday, I enjoyed a couple of hours in the garden. It was lovely I can say.

When the sun shines and the temperatures are higher, I “throw off” the winter of me and I don’t want to be remembered about these last months 🙂 Just kidding! Winter can be lovely, to relax at home, with a good book, watch a movie and enjoy the cosines, but not for too long (for me!).


I love to live outside, just like in the South of France or Spain. To wake up by birds chirping in the early morning (I love to wake up early to have a long day!), to smell the fresh air of the cherry blossoms, to see the sunset and to know it’s a brand new day! I love to have my oatmeal breakfast with a cup of coffee and to make plans for this new day. To visit a market, to have lunch at that new cafĂ©, to stroll around in the city, to shop new clothes, to enjoy a drink at a terrace, to visit an exhibition, to have dinner till the sun sets….

A lovely picture isn’t it?

Looking forward to…

In a few weeks my holiday will start and I am looking forward to have a plenty of time to work more on my book, to enjoy the Spanish sun, to see new things and to think about new plans (I always do that when I am on holidays, do you?).

I will share a couple of pictures of how I spend the first spring days. I hope, the weather will be better from now on, that we can enjoy it to the fullest!

What’s your favorite thing to do during Spring?

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  1. Het lijkt mij heerlijk om het meer buiten leven zoals in spanje en frankrijk hier te hebben. Lekker op een veranda zitten in de ochtend en avond maar dan ook echt elke dag.

  2. Prachtige foto! Heerlijk he, dit fijne weer en de natuur die je echt ziet veranderen. Ik kan daar zeker intens van genieten. Nog een fijne Zondag!

  3. This sounds just perfect! 🙂
    Spring is finally here as well, last three days have been so beautiful and warm (and I needed the sun after a looong period of constant rain) and my favourite thing to do is to hit the beach with a book and a camera and just enjoy the nature and the sound of sea.

  4. Ik hou zo van dat alles in bloei staat en lekker ruikt 🙂 niet het bloedhete weer, maar een lekker zonnetje met een briesje: I love it!

  5. Ik vind het vooral fijn dat je geen honderd lagen kleding nodig hebt om naar buiten te gaan, en sowieso maakt de zon alles beter en vrolijker :-).

  6. I love the warmer weather! I’m sure not a fan of the cold months at all. This spring has been rubbish so far so I’m just happy we had such a nice few days!

    Corinne x

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