Spring and Summer Favorites Tag

Spring and Summer Favorites Tag

On the blog of Thirteen Thoughts, I read the Spring and Summer Favorites Tag and because these are my two favorite seasons of the year, it was a real pleasure to answer these lovely questions.

Spring and Summer Favorites Tag

Favorite perfume

Sun by Jil Sander. This perfume is one of my favorites for years now! I also collect the limited editions each year.

Favorite lipcolor

Rouge Coco Shine of Coco Chanel. It’s a beautiful summer color!

Favorite drink

Orangina and cocos water. Orangina gives me sometimes a nostalgic feeling of the summers I’ve spend in France and I tasted it for the first time. Cocos water is lovely when you are thirsty!

Favorite blush

I don’t use blush 🙂

Favorite clothing item

When the temperatures are not too high, I wear my Esprit jeans, sneakers or ballerina’s and a shirt blouse. When it’s really summer, then I love to wear a chino with sandals and a shirt blouse or T-shirt. In my spare time I wear my jeans shorts with slippers and a shirt. I always have a bag and sunglasses and sometimes a hat.

Favorite movie

Midnight in Paris! I love to dream away to the Roaring Twenties in Paris.

Favorite TV show

I don’t see many TV shows at the moment because I am busy writing my book and writing blog posts 🙂 but on Monday evening I always watch Bones and sometimes, during the weekends, Midsommer Murders.

Favorite food

I love to prepare salads and soups. That’s my specialty! I love also strawberries and mangos, I can eat them all day!

I am looking forward to see your anwers, so feel free to fill in this tag too and to mention Paula of Thirteen Thoughts.


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