Review: The Writing Notebook City

Review: The Writing Notebook City

Review: The Writing Notebook City

I have a little crush on notebooks. when I see a paper shop or bookstore, I actually can not pass it without stepping into the store. Notebooks have an irresistible attraction to me. On the Internet I often search for original notebooks to expand my collection.

 The Writing Notebook City, written by Shaun Levin, is one of my latest discoveries.

 On the website of the publisher the following is written about this notebook:

The only way to write a book is to write it. For writers and explorers of all levels, The Writing Notebook is both guide and workspace. It offers writing prompts and activities, suggestions on structuring your book, and enough blank pages in which to write it. With description workouts, list-making exercises, a reading list, and ideas for cover design, you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration wherever you are.

With the help of The Writing Notebook City you’ll be able to write about your time in any city, or a novel set in a real or imagined city, or a book about a specific place, be it Paris, Mumbai, or BuenosAires

What inspired me the most was the following text “The notebook for your next book.” I am working on my second book at this moment and that’s why I liked this text very much!

The notebook has a normal size and is a paperback version, so that you can carry it easily in your bag.

Then you open the notebook, you find the an article what you can expect of this notebook. And then it is time to start challenge yourself!  The writer does that in a fun way. You will be put to work to take your first version of your story on paper.

Review: The Writing Notebook City

An inspiring quote of Ernest Hemingway


I love the challenges the writer gives you in more than twenty inspiring prompts. For example: to think about the character of the protagonist or the surroundings where the story will take place. In this way you get the challenges to think about the details which can be important for your story.

Between the lines the author gives you writing tips and there is plenty space for your own notes. The author has the idea to let your ideas flow on the paper!

Review: The Writing Notebook City
Review: The Writing Notebook City


Review: The Writing Notebook City
Review: The Writing Notebook City
Review: The Writing Notebook City
Review: The Writing Notebook City

At the end there is a summary of the writing prompts.

Review: The Writing Notebook City

It is a very instructive notebook and I can highly recommend it when you have the aspirations to write!

Happy writing!

You can buy this notebook here. They ship their articles worldwide. You can read more about the shipping here.

Also available: The Writing Notebook Family and The Writing Notebook Food.

I received this article from the publisher for a review. For more information, please read the disclaimer on this blog.


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  1. Wat een ontzettend mooi notitieboek! Echt leuk dat er zoiets bestaat om je te helpen bij het schrijfproces 🙂

  2. Ik zag deze laatst ergens in een winkel, maar toen niet gekocht. Misschien toch maar eens gaan doen 🙂

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