Review: Bright Lights Paris – Angie Niles

Review: Bright Lights Paris - Angie Niles


Review Bright Lights Paris – Angie Niles

A new book review! When I read that there would be published a new book about Paris, I couldn’t wait to indulge myself to buy this book. I love to read about Paris, to make a list of new addresses and to learn more about the background of the Parisian life. With a cup of tea, I enjoyed a few hours in Paris on my couch pasting sticky notes on dozens of pages.


Goodreads synopsis

Take a life-changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighborhoods of Paris—and become the most glamorous girl in town (without even trying).

After spending much of her life mining the secrets of La Parisienne, Angie has discovered there are as many ways to be Parisian as there are arrondissements. Find out what Saint Germain women wear, where Canal Saint Martin girls shop and hang out with their friends, the décor tricks of the artistic ladies in Montmartre, and how to cook and entertain—as if you just rolled out of bed and onto the cobblestone streets of Le Marais…Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs and original fashion illustrations, as well as fabulous tips from celebrities, fashion designers, bloggers, chefs, and more!

My review

I can’t ever enough of reading about Paris. This book was written in a different way than the books I had read earlier and it was a real eye-opener. I love to read about Paris through the eyes of the author. First about the cover. On the cover is a photograph of the author, Angie Niles, a fashion publicist and brand consultant who lived in Paris many years.

This book has 12 chapters, each with a description of a different Parisienne style such as Trocadero, Montmartre, Latin Quarter, Lower and Upper Marais , Saint Germain, Champ de Mars, Canal Saint-Martin, Tuileries, Oper, Bastille and Montorgueil. Angie Niles also shares tips from Parisian insiders, fashion designers and celebrities. It was really interesting to read all the different styles of dressing. In my opinion, this book is different from the all the other books I have read about where to go, where to eat, how to dress in Paris. The photographs are wonderful and makes you longing to book a trip to Paris immediately! I also enjoyed the longer stories about “The Magical Shoemaker”, “Finding your Signature scent”, “Monet’s Giverny”, “Vintage Allure” and many more interesting stories to learn more about life in Paris.

Where to find the best wine bars, boutiques, vintage, cafe’s, theaters? Angie Niles shares the famous addresses in the city by arrondissement, but she also shares her secret tips, which I love the most, because I love to discover more hidden gems in this wonderful city.

The book reads like a magazine and it is also a perfect guide for your next trip to Paris.

I’ve got so much inspiration that I got the desire to book a train ticket immediately.

I can’t wait to buy this train ticket, to dress me like a Parisienne from the Latin Quarter and a little bit Saint Germain 🙂 and to indulge me in this wonderful city!
You can buy the book here

 This book was purchased by myself.

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  1. Dat het boek leest als een tijdschrift en ook nog eens een goede gids is voor mijn volgende tripje naar Parijs, dat spreekt mij wel aan! Ik ben namelijk een moeilijke lezer, dus misschien is dit dan wel wat voor mij…
    Thanx voor de tip.

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