Q&A: The Answers!

Q&A: The Answers!

Q&A: The Answers!

Two weeks ago I organized a Q&A and I got such wonderful and interesting questions! Thank you for making the effort to ask these questions. Now it’s time to give you the answers!

The answers

What is the best thing that ever happened when you started your blog?

The best thing is that I got opportunities to write for other blogs. I write French related articles for The Good Life France. Since a few weeks, I also write blogs for this site about Paris. I am so happy with these opportunities and to develop myself into writing.

What are the best and most useful things you have learned from blogging?

The best thing is that I learned about how to run a blog. The most useful things are to create more patience and that I learned a lot about the technical side of keeping a blog.

I’d love to know what inspired you to start a blog?

The book that I am writing now is the basis for this blog. I got the idea to give my readers more back round information about the locations where the story take place. Amsterdam – Paris – Nice. But I love blogging so much, that I tried “new” things. I also write about Fashion, other Travels and Lifestyle.

What is your favorite song?

I love listening to music, so I have a lot of favorite songs. I love the song “Moi…Lolita” of Alizee, a french singer. When I listen to this song, I am longing to go to France! I also love the songs by Caro Emerald and music from the 80s and 90s. I also love some jazz and French songs, like Alizee.

What do you like most about blogging?

What I do like the most about blogging is doing research for my articles, making photos and the comments of my dear readers. Thank you all!

What pie you always choose for your birthday?

I am crazy about apple pie! It’s my favorite birthday cake. In our family, it is a tradition that my mother bakes the birthday cakes. So Mum, now you know which cake I would like at my birthday! 🙂

What’s your most enjoyable thing?

I really enjoy a lot of things:) Sunrises, early mornings, a good book, a cup of coffee and good food…but the most enjoyable thing for me is to discover new things when I am traveling. It’s such a great inspiration for me!

It was a real pleasure to answer your questions! Thank you so much!


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