Pray For Nice…and The Whole World

Pray For Nice...and The Whole World

Pray For Nice… and the whole world

Eight months ago, I wrote this blogpost, after the attacks in Paris, and unfortunately, I have to write another, but now about Nice.

Nice has, just like Paris, a special place in my heart. It’s the city which I love to visit in September each year. To stroll around the old town, to eat pissaladiere. To enjoy breakfast at the Cours Saleya. To enjoy the view of the hill. Tto enjoy a couple of hours on the beach. To stroll on the Promenade des Anglais…..the place where the attack took place yesterday evening after the firework on Bastille Day.

The day to celebrate freedom…..

What happened to this world? When will we feel the love again?

Je suis tres tres triste….

My thoughts go out to all people in France. La douce France feels like a second home for me. My heart is broken…..


xx Darina

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