Personal Update #4 | Some Exciting News!

IMG 6211 - Personal Update #4 | Some Exciting News!

Personal Update #4 | Some Exciting News!

Two weeks ago, Wednesday morning 6.10 am, I read a message in a Facebook group that caught my eye immediately. Do you love Paris and fashion? For a new site I am looking for a writer…

I have some exciting news to share with you!

I finished my breakfast, brushed my teeth and on my way to the train I felt very excited. This is what I was looking for all the time. I love to write about Paris, but now I will do that for a new Dutch site. It was a great opportunity! This is a website which also sells blouses from Paris.

Yesterday, the website has been launched by Chantal. She is an illustrator, fashion stylist and entrepreneur. She has her own T-shirt line and she always dreamed of a collection in which her abilities as an artist would come together. And she did! A new website….where I will write about Paris in Dutch and I can’t wait to share some articles on this blog too!

And now I will take some macarons to celebrate this great opportunity in style!


pinit fg en rect red 28 - Personal Update #4 | Some Exciting News!

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