Personal Update #2

untitled - Personal Update #2

Personal Update #2

It’s been a while ago that I published my first personal update on this blog, so it’s time to give you an update of my (writers) life in my personal update #2.

What happened since September and did I finish my book?

@t Home

I’ve been a lot at home lately. Because of the weather (drizzling grey cold weather) and I had to work further on my book. We also had to renovate our bedroom because of the delivery of our new bed. After that I cleaned the attic and my wardrobe. And I was sick 🙁

In my last personal update I wrote, that I would share photos and addresses of my holiday. Don’t be afraid, I did not forget it 🙂 It’s my idea to share my sunny tips with you during the cold winter months to come and thinking about an holiday in the next year?


I have made good progress with my book. I am very satisfied with the results so far. I know that I have to edit it when I finished it, but I am so glad with the achievement!


Lately I was thinking about this blog. I am blogging for almost two years now and I tried many ways and things. But what are my goals? What’s my niche? What do I want with this space on the internet? You’ll see it the following months.


Lately, I have done more photography. I’ve been in Amsterdam and I’d love to make photos of the canal houses and the details of this wonderful city. When I am in Amsterdam, I can not stop making photos. On every corner I see something interesting to capture.

Because I photograph more now, I found out what I love to capture the most: details of buildings and details of fashion items. I also love to shoot in shops, especially vintage shops. This is what I would like to expand and to improve and the results you’ll see here on the blog.

I also started with a new section on the blog: “On the Coffee table”. Last week, I published the first shoot. I started this section to photograph the details of my favorite items. I hope you like this new section!

Busy times ahead

Shopping Christmas gifts, finishing the first draft of my book, work… a busy time. But this year it feels different then other years. I am more calm and enjoying more all the beauty of the decorations around me… I am learning :).

What are your plans in December? Tell me in the comments, I am looking forward to hear from you.

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Personal Update #2

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6 reacties

  1. Wat leuk dat je (weer) aan een boek werkt, dat is wel heel gaaf!

    Ja, november en december zijn altijd drukke maanden, ze vliegen voorbij. Ik ben zelf bezig geweest met leuke kerstdecoratie, ik heb al veel zin in Kerst. Maar eerst nog mijn verjaardag (4-12) en Sinterklaas. De feestjes vliegen me om de oren in december. 🙂
    Josephine recently posted…Sinterklaas is best een beetje steampunkMy Profile

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