Personal Update #1

Notebook beach - Personal Update #1

Personal Update #1

To give you a glimpse into my life, I will publish a personal update once in a while. Maybe you noticed that it was a little bit quieter on my blog but I’ve had a wonderful 10 days holiday! We spend five days in Alicante, Spain and five days in Nice, France and it was awesome! Intentionally I published less articles because I wanted to enjoy every minute of the beauty of these two cities! On my Facebook page and Instagram page you could see what we have done during this holiday and where we have enjoyed delicious dinners and enjoyed incredible views!

Back home

Now I am back home with a lot of beautiful memories and 1000 photos :). Back to normal (work) life…

What I do love the most during an holiday is ‘no planning’ and everytime I come home I try to introduce that at home too but  one of the other way it does not work. I always try to stay in this feeling as long as possible!

What to expect on the blog

During the holiday I met very nice owners of vintageshops where I have had the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful pieces. I love to do this and admire the beauty of long ago. You will see these photo reports soon on the blog. I will also write  about the life at the French Riviera, about hotspots, sightseeing, food and many more which I have visited and enjoyed during this holiday.

Book Update

In Nice and Saint Paul de Vence (a wonderful village, about 20 minutes of Nice by car), I walked through my own story that I am writing. It’s very special to see the locations in real and to “feel” or try to “feel” what the characters feel. I have enough information now to finish my book and to look for a publisher. It will be very exciting and I am looking forward to take you along this exciting journey.

How are you?

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Personal Update #1

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  1. Greeting Darina. I just came to your blog via Taste of France. It can be challenging to be connected during ones holiday. Or is that the point of a holiday to ‘disconnect’. At any rate when we leave for Italy next week my current thought is to leave my notebook where I hand write my thoughts ‘at home’. Then my plan is to create an online journal. Let’s see how that goes……

    1. Hi Lisa! I agree that it is a challenge and sometimes it is hard to disconnect from everything. It is a good idea to leave your notebook at home! Have a nice time in Italy! x Darina

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