Personal Notes #5 | Decisions, decisions….

 Editor Notes 2 - Personal Notes #5 | Decisions, decisions....

Personal Notes #5 | Decisions, decisions….

It was a Friday afternoon after a busy work week. Friday is my day off from the office since a year and I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Friday is the day that I use for my blog, photography and working on my book. Sometimes use this day to work somewhere else. A cafe in the Nine Streets in Amsterdam or I allow myself a “real” day off without Macbook and deadlines.

The year is 16 weeks old and a lot happened (for me :)). This blog is now more than 2 years old and I have my own account since one year. When I made that decision I knew it will be a good one. Since I bought my own little space on the internet, I knew the direction I had to follow to make this blog more interesting for my readers (I hope it really is!).

People ask often: what do you do besides blogging? I write articles for the English website about living in France, The Good Life France and since a couple of weeks I write Dutch articles for a new website “Style from Paris” which is a new challenge for me.

What about the Parisienne Diary?

Last year, I started with the Parisienne Diary articles. I had so much fun writing them, but I decided to stop writing this serie. Maybe I will restart them in the future, but now I have to make other decisions. I have to spend more time writing my book and besides of my fulltime job and other websites I write for, I feel I have to “unplug” more…

How much time do you spend on the internet?


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  1. Goed dat je hier bewuste keuzes in maakt! Ik breng zelf ook vrij veel tijd online door en zou weleens iets willen minderen. Gelukkig heb ik naast bloggen een passie voor fotografie en kom ik daardoor ook nog regelmatig de deur uit 😉

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