Patisserie Hotspot in Nice, France (with Recipe!)

Patisserie Hotspot in Nice, France (with Recipe!)

Patisserie Hotspot in Nice, France (with Recipe!)

Last September I discovered a patisserie hotspot in Nice, France when I spend five days in this wonderful city under the sun. It was here, that I tasted la tarte Tropezienne for the very first time and since then, it is my favorite French pastry, apart from the macaron.

This patisserie, called “Boulangerie Patisserie Jeannot”, is a real feast for the senses. Fresh baked bread every morning. Delicious baguettes with a variety of spreads. The famous “Pan Bagnat” (sandwich specialty of Nice with a lot of vegetables and tuna) or a healthy salad. You can take it away or sit down at the blue famous chairs of Nice at the sunny terrace. You can also start your day here with a delicious breakfast before you will go shopping at the market (Cours-Saleya).

Patisserie Hotspot in Nice, France (with Recipe!)


After a whole day of walking through the old town and a swim in the sea, we decided to pamper ourselves on a French pastry. A pastry with an history.


La Tarte Tropezienne  is a cake recipe that was introduced in 1955 by the French pastry chef Alexandre Micka from Saint-Tropez. This cake is often eaten as a dessert.
During the tour of the movie “Et Dieu … Crea la Femme”  in Saint-Tropez he presented this cake to Brigitte Bardot. She suggested the name “Tarte de Saint-Tropez”. Micka changed it the name of Tarte Tropézienne.
The cake is a round slice baked dough which is horizontally cut in half. Both slices are sprinkled with orange or rose water. Both parts are placed on each other with between them butter cream and custard. The cake sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Patisserie Hotspot in Nice, France (with Recipe!)


On this site you can read the whole recipe to bake your own la Tarte Tropezienne. Good luck!

Did you ever enjoyed this French pastry?

I can’t wait to enjoy this pastry again when I am in Nice in May!

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Boulangerie Patisserie Jeannot
8 rue Saint Francois de Paul, Nice


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