Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence

Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence
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The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence

Dear readers,

A new page in the Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence, that’s what I will share with you today.


Where I am now? I am in Provence, in the little village of Aups. We are staying here for twee weeks and I am so happy with this prospect! We live in the family home of my grandparents. It’s the idyllic Provence story. An house in the valley, surrounded by olive and pine trees and bougainvillea. A pool in the garden and a large wooden table in the shade of the trees where we have breakfast and dinners for hours.

Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence


It’s lovely here! I am here three days now and I feel totally different. It’s very lively I can tell you. We are with ten persons! Ha! That’s why I skip the breakfast each morning and take a walk to the village where I buy a magazine and enjoy my cafe au lait and croissant at a terrace, overlooking the Place Général Girad shaded by a gigantic plane tree. I need this moment for myself.

Sometimes you discover something new when you are on holidays. I love to wear dresses, much more then in Paris. I prefer the vintage look, which you can see on the photo below. Cute isnt’t?

Vintage summer in Provence

In the Provence villages, you can find many flea markets and vintage.  Soon I will take the car and visit them for inspiration and treasure hunting! During my lazy days here, I dream a lot. Sitting in my loungechair under the olive trees, when the sun is at its highest state, I dream about my own vintage store how I would like to decorate it. Traveling through the country to find unique pieces and to style them.

I can dream for hours. When I am back in Paris, there will be work to be done!


Parisienne Diary | Vintage Summer in Provence
@ Copyright photos of shoes, straw bag, dress and hat by Topvintage. Click on the photo for more information.


After a while, I walk back over dusty roads and feel the summer heat on my face and smell the lavender and herbs accompanied by the sound of the cigales. The sound of the Provence.

The children are playing in the pool, the men are discussing at the table with a drink and the women are in the kitchen, preparing wonderful salads and pastries. In the evening, my father and my uncle light the BBQ and we have dinner for hours till the sun sets and it’s bed-time for the children.

I feel really really blessed to have these holidays here. It’s the relaxing vibe, we don’t look at the time, we see what we are up to. We have so much to talk with each other, the children are very sweet and my grandparents are so happy to have us back in their happy home!

Tomorrow we will go to the beach in Frejus. It’s one hour from here and we will stay the whole day. My grandparents will visit friends  and we will spend the day on the beach. I will tell you about it the next time.


Thank you Topvintage, to use these photos!

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