Parisienne Diary|The Nine Streets in Amsterdam

Parisienne Diary|The Nine Streets in Amsterdam

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Parisienne Diary | The Nine Streets in Amsterdam

Dear readers,

Last weekend I spend two days in Amsterdam with my friend Margot.  A weekend in Amsterdam! It was really really nice. We had seen each other for a long time so it was wonderful to see each other again and to stroll through the city.

I know Margot for years now and she is a good friend to me. Sometimes it is hard that we live 500 km of each other, but we texted almost every day about everything.

I arrived Friday evening with the Thalys. She waited for me outside the station and I felt at home immediately. The sound of the trams, the church bells, the hectic, it was too long ago that I was here I realized.

Margot has a little apartment at the Brouwersgracht, not far from the Nine Streets, which is our favorite shopping streets. But I will tell about it later. I admired her new furniture and then we opened the windows and sit on the windowsill with the amazing view on the canals and we chatted for hours with wine and cheese (a little bit of France in Amsterdam). We were so tired that we slept till 9 o’clock in the morning. We enjoyed breakfast at Pluk, it was delicious. And I loved the place, very inspiring to read a book or magazine or to work. I took the banana pancakes with fruit and Margot only a croissant and coffee.

We strolled through the Nine Streets. These streets remind me of Paris. The little boutiques, no mass brands. The cafe’s, the bookstores, I really loved the atmosphere here!

Here you can read more about the Nine Streets in Amsterdam.

Sunday morning, after breakfast at Coffee Company (the coffee there is awesome!), we walked to the vintage shop of L’Etoile de Saint Honore and I discovered beautiful vintage bags! I wished I could take them all! And another great shop was “Roerende Zaken”, with vintage furniture from 1900-2000. And so many fashion shops, like Rika, Episode (vintage), Laura Dols (vintage) and so many art shops, I really  loved it. But then it was time to took the Thalys to Paris back, because I had to prepare my work for the new week. I am thinking to write an article about the Nine Streets for Elodie, for the Parisian who will spend a weekend in Amsterdam, this is a wonderful area to stay I think! I will propose it to my chief this week!

So, it was really fun to be in Amsterdam again! It was a short trip but I was very happy to see my friend. I really miss her!

TIP: When you are planning a trip to Paris with the Thalys, remember to book your ticket at least 3 months before you go. Then you can buy one way tickets for 35 euro per person!

For in your little black book

Pluk – Reestraat 19

Coffee Company – Berenstraat 6

L’Etoile de Saint Honore – Reestraat 24

Roerende Zaken – Oude Spiegelstraat 5

Episode – Berenstraat 1

Laura Dols – Wolvenstraat 7

Rika – Oude Spiegelstraat 12

For more shops and addresses:


A bientôt, bisous, Claudia

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