Parisienne Diary | The Markets of Provence

Parisienne Diary | The Markets of Provence
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Parisienne Diary | The Markets of Provence

Dear readers,

It’s my last week in Provence. I can’t almost believe that time really flies…it’s a pity but we’ve had and still have wonderful days under the Provencal sun. This time I will take you along the markets of Provence.

The days are very hot and I enjoy my early mornings at the terrace and the afternoon in the shade with a good book. I am reading A forgotten summer by Carol Drinkwater. I can highly recommend this book!

The days are passing by slowly. The heat causes us to be very lazy so I have planned a trip to the markets of Provence. My mother and my sister will join me. Tomorrow we will visit the Saturday market in Draguignan and Sunday the market in le Muy.

If you are planning a trip to Provence and would like to visit the many market, pop over here to learn which market is held on which day.

The market of Draguignan

The market of Draguignan is a real Marché Provençal with many fruits and vegetables and other Provençal products. I always buy lavender to brighten up my apartment in Paris. The smell then brings me back to this wonderful holiday…a very nice memory to buy! Often I buy a new wicker bag which I use in Paris too when I go to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.  I also love the linen clothes, especially the linen dresses. And honey from the beekeepers from this area.

My mother loves the herbs. You can choose from hundreds of herbs and my mother buys many herbs for the whole year! When I am in Holland, she often makes her famous beef stew with the herbs from the market.

My sister Celeste, loves the fresh fruits the most. She buys a lot of grapes, nectarines, peaches and makes a healthy and delicious fruit salad as dessert. I am looking forward to it!

Parisienne Diary | The Markets of Provence

After the stroll on the market, we look for a terrace to have a drink and lunch. Often, we choose for a salad and a baguette. After the lunch, we stroll through the streets of Draguignan and then it’s time to go back home.

The market of Le Muy

It’s a perfect day trip and on Sunday, we do the same on the market of le Muy. Le Muy is a beautiful village surrounded by forests and famous wine regions. It’s a lovely village to spend your holiday because it’s not far from the coast and less crowded then other villages. The market has 200 stalls and you can buy the famous Provençal products, bijouterie, clothes and many more. This market is visited by many people from the local area.

On Tuesday I will travel back to Paris where I will spend the rest of my holiday (three days :)) picnics along the Seine with friends and working on my dream…

Bon weekend!




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  1. Ik word helemaal warm van dit soort artikelen. Ik zou hier zo graag eens naar toe willen gaan! Lijkt me fantastisch om daar de omgeving te ontdekken. Gelukkig zit het weer ook heel erg mee. Toch wel zo fijn! In Nederland lijkt het net alsof de winter is aangebroken. Geniet nog even je vakantie! 🙂
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