Parisienne Diary | Sundays in Paris

Parisienne Diary | Sundays in Paris
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The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Sundays in Paris

Dear readers,

Sundays in Paris are wonderful in my opinion. Saturdays are often very busy with running errands, but Sundays are mostly very quiet and I really love that!

What do I on Sundays when I am in Paris? It depends on what I did the night before :), but when I was home in time, I sleep till nine o’clock and have breakfast. Sometimes I have breakfast at home when I have a baguette over of the day before, sometimes I enjoy my breakfast in a café, such as Frenchie to go.

After breakfast, we go to our homes and I work a bit. Reading magazines, writing articles, pinning on Pinterest (I have a little addiction to it) and cleaning up my little apartment. Washing, ironing…that kind of thing I didn’t like, but have to do…

In the afternoon, I will have a brunch outside or a simple lunch at home.. it depends on the weather and how busy I am 🙂 Most of all we have brunch at Marcel in the 7eme where you can enjoy a very extensive brunch or at La Boix aux Lettres in Montmartre.

Brunching is very hot in Paris especially on Sundays. Many families come together to enjoy good food and each other company. When my parents are in Paris, we always have brunch at La Boix au Lettres, because we invite my auntie too. She lives in Montmartre. I will tell about her later.

The shops are not open on Sundays, except the shops in Le Marais and on the Champs-Elysee and the shoppingmall in La Defence, but I love Sundays in Le Marais, so I take the metro to Le Marias. I love to spend my Sundays in this lovely area and go on vintage hunting. Le Marais has so much vintage boutiques, I will share my addresses another time with you!

After shopping, I lay down on Place des Vosges or enjoy a drink at Cafe Carette. I love this square, which is the oldest of Paris and the most beautiful of the world!  I love the atmosphere of this square. Reading a book on the grass, watching people, enjoying the total relaxation in the middle of this big city.

My other Sunday plan is to turn off my phone and stroll through my own city, like a tourist. Or when the weather isn’t so good for that, I sit down in a cafe and read a book with a glass red wine.

No, I never get bored on Sundays!

Do you love Sundays?


For in Your Little Black Book


Frenchie to go, 9, Rue du Nil

Afternoon drink

Cafe Carette, 25 Place des Vosges


Marcel , 15 Rue de Babylone (they have more addresses)

La boix aux lettre, 108 Rue Lepic


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