Parisienne Diary | Paris in September

Parisienne Diary | Paris in September

The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Paris in September

Paris in September…it’s just like a new year started. Not on the 1st of January but in September. Holidays are over. The streets are full of Parisians, sun burned and full of new energy (I don’t felt that way when I returned from Provence :)). The schools started again, everything and everyone is back to everyday life 🙂

Back to life again! And that’s the same at the office of “Elodie”. We are preparing for Paris Fashion Week. This hectic period of fashion shows, dinners, parties and short nights of sleep will take place from 27th September till 5th October and is the Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2017. We are making plans and schedules and it will be more hectic for me, because I will travel to Nice for a few days to make a city guide for the magazine. When I return, I can go straightly to the Carousel du Louvre for the shows.

But I do not complain 🙂 It’s lovely to admire the new fashion for next summer before the long winter will start. I am not looking forward to this season, but I hope that Autumn will be wonderful! I have made a lot of plans. I will spend a weekend in Amsterdam with my friend Margot and my parents and sister will come to Paris. Beside of that I am busy with my plan for a vintage shop.. so it will not be boring these last few months of this year!

For in your little black book

To see the street parade of the Paris Fashion Week:

Caroussel du Louvre, 99 Rue de Rivoli

What to do in Paris in September

Before this busy time starts, I will enjoy the Paris Art Food Week. (16-18 September). Food and festivals, that’s a perfect combination if  you ask me 🙂 And there’s more. What do you think of tasting Cocktails, during the Cocktails Street from 23-26 September before Paris Fashion Week starts?

I think I will be not at home often this weeks 🙂

Bisous, Claudia

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