Parisienne Diary | Paris in August

Parisienne Diary | Paris in August


The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Paris in August

Dear readers,

How are you? At this moment, the city is boiling hot and the Parisian disappeared. The boulangerie at the corner of the street is closed, the famous “fermeture annuelle“. I love Paris in August. I feel the city is more “mine” and I love to stroll a lot to discover new places which are less crowded at the moment.

The holiday is over and I am back at the office. There is a lot work to do! In October, Paris Fashion Week will take place and that is very chaotic period I can tell you. We are now busy with the preparations. But I love this time of year. To admire the shows, the people on the street, I love to be part of it. I hope I can write beautiful stories about this for Elodie and for you of course!

What to do in Paris in August

Back to the topic… Paris in August. It’s paradise, really! We have the city for ourselves, but many shops and cafe’s are open as normal. There is enough to enjoy ourselves. Outdoor cinemas, Paris Plage, picnics in the park…. we have enough to do after work! For the tourists it is very pleasant to visit the city.

Previously, I told you that I saw the perfect location for my vintage store. I made an appointment with an accountant to discuss the possibilities. Exciting!

So, I have not so much news at the moment…the city is in holiday mode and I am also :).

I will visit the Jazzfestival a la Vilette and I want to visit the Shakespeare & Co. bookshop to buy books. I want to read more books in my spare time.

Till next time!




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    1. Hi Kim, dank je wel! De persoon achter de Parisienne Diaries is een fictief persoon 🙂 Bovenaan elke diary staat een link waar je meer info kunt vinden. Ik zou wel heel graag een vintagewinkel willen, wie weet ooit 🙂

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