Parisienne Diary | New Hotspots in Paris #1

Parisienne Diary | New Hotspots in Paris #1

Parisienne Diary | New Hotspots in Paris #1

The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Dear readers,

How are you? Last week was a very hectic week in Paris because of the Haute Couture fashion shows. My feet hurts of wearing high heels which I am not used too. I have a lack of sleep caused by short nights and my little apartment is a total mess. After the last Haute Couture evening I slept many hours and the first thing I did in the morning was to clean out my apartment. I returned the dresses  which I wore during this week. I runned errands through a rainy Paris.  At Café de Flore  I drunk coffee to have a little moment for myself and to have a little moment of relaxation. Back home I continued cleaning and thinking about a new apartment. Yes! I think I will move this year. Another arrondissement and kind of house maybe…Exciting!

In the evening I wrote articles and look to the photos I’ve taken of the wonderful items this week. Did you see the Chanel pink dress?? O my gosh, it is my dream!

New shops, restaurants, cafe’s are opening each day in Paris to feed our senses :). You can collect these addresses in your notebook for your next visit to Paris.

New Parisian hotspots

Bisous, Claudia


Photo header right @Pixabay

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