Parisienne Diary | Fulfilling Your Dreams

Parisienne Diary | Fulfilling Your Dreams
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The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Fulfilling Your Dreams

Dear readers,

It’s summer in Paris and I am so happy! It’s wonderful to see the city in its full bloom and to see how the people are enjoying it. And I am busy to think fulfilling my dreams! 

I have not booked an holiday this year during the high season. I will spend the summer in Paris. My parents will come to Paris and I will travel to Amsterdam for the article for Elodie, it was a little bit suspended. Beside that, I want to take this summer time to think about my future. Yes, I have to make decisions I think. Maybe I want to move to another apartment, to think about the opportunity to open a vintage shop (yes, my dreams are big :)) and maybe I want to start to write a book. Ok, now it’s enough 🙂

My friend Milou told me that it’s good to have many dreams, but I have to make a plan, so this afternoon I decided to take my notebook and a picnic blanket and I looked for a place at the border of the Seine with a view on the Notre Dame and the Ile Saint-Louis.

The weather was wonderful with a gentle breeze and I took my notebook and started to write a list with the pros and cons of my dreams and how I thought to make them true. Luckily I had taken a bottle Orangina and a bag of nuts because I spent several hours on the quay and as it was later, it was crowded with people who put down their picnic blanket and took out delicious snacks from their wicker bags. Baguettes, cheese, grapes, strawberries, saucissons, chicken wings, macarons…I heard my stomach started to rumble.

I send a message to Milou if she had time to come on over or to have dinner somewhere, but she was too busy, so I decided to make a walk along the Seine. Walking is very good to organize your thoughts I noticed. When I was near the Eiffel Tower I was tired but satisfied. I enjoyed my dinner at Castel Café. I love to enjoy my dinner alone, weird huh? A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about it for Elodie, I will share it with you another time!

At home, I opened the balcony doors and enjoyed the view for a few minutes and then I looked at my notes which I made this afternoon.

How to fulfill your dreams?

Try new things 

Do things that you might not normally do. Take an other route to your work or home, do purchases in other shops, subscribe to a workshop, try another sport…there are many things you can try to step out your comfort zone.

Decide what is important in your life

What do you love the most? What’s your passion? Tip: do things by yourself to discover what you like the most.

Do your research

Do you want something else in your life? Do your research how to start and what do you need to achieve it? Write everything in your notebook or talk to someone who has done the same or is doing that what you want to achieve…

Set goals

If you want to fulfill your dreams, you have to set goals. Write them down with a timeline and make two columns: small goals and big goals.

Eliminate negativity

Negativity takes too much energy and leads to nothing. You need your energy to fulfill your dreams at this moment, so try to keep far from it!

Learn from your mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. You can see that in a negative way, but you can turn it into something positive. Learn from it and take it on your way to fulfill your dreams!

Deal with the obstacles

To achieve your goals and your dreams, you have to deal with obstacles sometimes, nobody said that it would be easy! So keep it in mind and let it not stop you to go further with your dreams.

Be realistic

You have to be realistic. Not every dream can be fulfilled, but maybe it is not the right moment. So, do not give up and try it a little bit later!


See this as a learning process. And do not be easily disappointed if it fails. It’s also nice to get the small goals instead of immediately the big goals. It comes naturally. Enjoy this process!

Here you can read more about how to make your dreams come true and related matters.

How do you fulfill your dreams? Which way do you take?

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  1. Ik ben heel erg voor het proberen van nieuwe dingen. Zo houd je het spannend en interessant. Ook moet je soms inderdaad met moeilijke dingen dealen. Erg vervelend, maar hoe trots ben je wel niet als je jezelf daar doorheen hebt geslagen! Dat doet mij altijd heel goed.
    Shannon Sheila recently posted…Musthave #GoalsMy Profile

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