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Parisienne Diary dear readers
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The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Dear readers,

The first page in my Parisienne diary, dear readers! Nice to meet you! This is my first diary post and I will dedicate this post to tell about myself. My name is Claudia and I am 28 years old (is this too old to start a diary for the very first time?) I live in Paris , but I am born in Holland. My mother married a Dutch man and moved to Holland after their wedding. I have a sister, Celeste and she lives in Amsterdam and an old auntie who is living in Paris. The name of my best friend in Paris is  Milou and in Amsterdam Margot, we chat almost everyday and sometimes she comes over for a weekend. You’ll meet her here soon 🙂

So, what I am doing in everyday life? I work at a magazine, titled “Elodie”. I write most about lifestyle, travel and fashion. I am often on the road in Paris and sometimes in other cities of France. I started as an intern, but they were so satisfied that I got a full contract, I was so happy, I celebrated with my friends the same evening in a bar. I am very happy with this job because I met some interesting creative people. Besides of this job, I am dreaming about to have an own store in vintage clothes. Maybe one day…

I live now for eight years in Paris. I moved to Paris to study and because I have the idea that to life the real Parisian life. And here is my roots. Once a month, my mother visits Paris and my auntie. We have also family in the South of France and in Holland off course, but I don’t see them often due to our busy lives and travels. But… when we are together it feels like we saw each other yesterday…strange isn’t it? But I am happy with that!

Last weekend we visited “la Journee de la Parisienne”, the 4th edition, organized by the fabulous site Do it in Paris. We learned to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we got tips for a perfect skin (no luxury here in Paris…), we tasted smoothies full of vitamins. Do it in Paris has launched a new edition of their city guide “Paris c’est chic.” Even I live for 8 years in Paris, I always carry this book in my bag. There are so many hidden gems I want to discover!

What to do this weekend in Paris?

I will shop a bit because I have cleaned my wardrobe last weekend. I love to do that. Maybe you call me crazy right now, but now I know what I will wear and what not and so I can shop more straight :). After the shopping spree I will have lunch at Cafe Charlot at the Rue Bretagne and in the evening we will have wines at Frenchie in the 2eme.

Sunday 8th May the Champs Elysee will be without cars, wow!  And there is a flea market at Rue Ordener, maybe I will take a look if I can find something special.



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11 reacties

  1. Gôhhhh… Ik had helemaal niet door dat jij in Parijs woont. (Of begrijp ik dít bericht nu verkeerd?) Je hebt het vaak over uitstapjes naar Parijs en ik geloof dat ik ook ergens gelezen heb dat je niet kon wachten om weer zo’n uitstapje te maken en… Ik verkeerde helemaal in de veronderstelling dat jij in de verpleging werkt…
    Ben ik nou een beetje (erg) in de war???
    Anyway, fijn weekend!

    1. Ik zal je uit de verwarring brengen :). Ik woon niet in Parijs (I wish!) en ik werk wel in een ziekenhuis :). Ik vind het leuk om een Parijs dagboekje bij te houden en op deze manier korte verhalen te schrijven en jullie tips te geven. Zo is deze rubriek ontstaan. Ik hoop dat je het leuk vindt om te lezen! xx fijn weekend

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