Parisienne Diary | A New Year in Paris

Parisienne Diary | A New Year in Paris


The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | A New Year in Paris

A New Year in Paris….at this moment it is very cold and I enjoy my morning walks to the office. Wearing a thick coat, scarf and gloves and there I go! I love the silence of the early mornings, walking along the Seine and take a coffee to go. I don’t like to travel by metro so I try to walk often to the office. I read that walking is very good for fatburning and beside of that, I just love it! I also love the route and I try also new ones, so it is never boring!

What are my intentions this year? I don’t have them, because I don’t like new intentions 🙂 I will continue my life and I will see what happen. I don’t like to plan my life. I love the “unexpected” thing of it. But I wrote down some things I would like to accomplish in the future:

Start a vintage shop in Paris. I am working at “Elodie” magazine and I just love my job. But to have a vintage shop is a dream which I have so long now…When I am strolling in Paris I am always looking for locations!

Looking for a new apartment. That’s a full day job here in Paris. And then the prices of the appartments…it’s will be an huge challenge, but I love challenges 🙂

And when I am strolling around looking for apartements and a shop location,  I will discover new parts of the city which I will share with you. You can create your little black book with these tips for your next visit to Paris!

Things I loved lately

Parisienne Diary | A New Year in Paris

What do you love about this diary? And  what would you like to read more? I am looking forward to hear from you.

Bisous, Claudia


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