Parisian Daydream #2


Parisian Daydream #2

Parisian Daydream #2

Just a normal street in Paris in the 15th arrondissement, a residential area. Rue Saint-Charles. Just 15 minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower. The hotel is near by the  Charles Michels Metro Station. After a journey of 2.5 hours with the Thalys and half an hour by subway from Gare du Nord, I was glad to arrive and to be outside.  There was a row in front of the kiosk  people waiting to buy a newspaper or magazine.

The street is long with a lot of apartments and some shops.  I smelled freshly baked croissants from the bakery across the street, Le Quartier du Pain.

Je suis a Paris!

The Eiffel Tower shines in the Spring sun. I can feel some Spring in the air. I feel happy! These days in Paris will be awesome. My notebook is written full of plans and things I would like to do. There will be not enough time I afraid, but who cares?

I will come back to Paris.


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