Parisian Daydream #1

Parisian Daydream #1

Parisian Daydream #1

Paris, 2015

Paris in August…the last time that I visited my favorite city. The last couple of hours spend in Montmartre at Place du Tetre…enjoying the Parisian hustle and bustle. It was a hot day. Climbing the stairs with my luggage was a hard job. At Place du Tetre, I found a place to enjoy a drink. An Orangina which I always drink when I am in France..

I took my notebook from my bag and I read the notes which I wrote down the last two days.

….”empty streets…the boulangerie at the corner has closed his shop for the holidays…the emptiness of a busy city…”

“La reverie est le dimanche de la pensee (Daydreaming is the Sunday of the thought)” – Henri-Frederic Amiel

I looked at my watch. Time to leave the Montmartre hill. My steps resound on the cobblestone if I end up the hill. I decide to walk to Gare du Nord. I want to enjoy Paris as long as possible. On my way I captured a beautiful Parisian building. My last Parisian photo of this trip…it is one of my favorite photos I have of Paris..

Leaving this city feels like leaving my home… à bientôt Paris!


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