On Instagram in March

How does my life look like besides working and blogging in March? On Instagram I share my favorite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration, nature, everything what inspires me! Let’s get a look of my life in photos!

From left to right
A small street in the old town of Cannes “le Suquet”  One of my favorite quarters of Cannes 🌸 A wonderful fragrance of these hyacinths. Can’t wait for Spring! 🌸 During a early morning run. I love sunrises! 🌸I bought a little chair from Potion Paris for in my study 🌸 Beautiful red rose 🌸 I saw this stool at the garden center and I had to buy it 🙂 🌸 Little blossoms 🌸 H&M Spring inspiration. Looking forward to clear my wardrobe 🙂 🌸 My new study! What do you think?

From left to right

A phone wallet of Happy April, a new fashion discovering 🌸 Home design inspiration magazines. Since we have renovated I am fond of these magazines! 🌸 Wisteria on the walls of restaurant “Au vieux Paris d’Arcole” near the Notre Dame in Paris 🌸 We made a beautiful walk in a nature reserve on a sunny Sunday 🌸 A narrow street in San Remo 🌸 Home made apple pie by my Mum 🌸 Fashion inspiration on Polyvore, my new addiction 🙂 🌸 Sticky notes, I love it! 🌸 One of my favorite food: Sushi!

How was your month?

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