Instagram Photo Diary April

Welcome to a new edition of Instagram Photo Diary April! How does my life looked like besides working and blogging in April? On Instagram I share my favorite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration, nature, everything what inspires me! It’s like a diary for me!


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From left to right

✒️Pastry was delicious! ✒️ A detail of the stairs to the Sacre Coeur in Paris, Montmartre ✒️ Tulips on the market. I love tulips, it’s one of the signs that Spring is here! ✒️ Narrow street in San Remo. I have very good memories when we were there and spend the whole day in this town ✒️ The Riverdale collection, I love the green tones in this home decor ✒️ I love the Polyvore app, do you know this? You can create fashion or home decor moodboards ✒️ In The Hague we started with apple pie and coffee, delicious! ✒️ And after that, we took the tram to Scheveningen. It was a cold day, but we enjoyed a lunch at a beach club ✒️ Pretty flowers from my parents. I love the yellow and green tones.





From left to right

✒️The church in Utrecht with a blue sky!✒️ Spending an afternoon reading fashion magazines✒️ I love the new Starbucks cups✒️ A detail of a floor tile in Paris✒️ I love to wear my All Stars!✒️ A table at the beach club were we had a delicious lunch. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and grey but we have had fun!✒️ Photos of the Vintage&Brocante fair in Utrecht. It was a lovely day and I have seen such beautiful things!✒️ “Reypenaer” cheese, delicious Dutch cheese on a bike :)✒️ After a lovely day in Utrecht, we had a Greek dinner, delicious!

How was your month?


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