New Season New Look

 New Season New Look

 New Season New Look

This time it’s not about fashion. New Season New Look is about my new blog direction and my new header. First of all, what do you think of my new header? My father and I created it and I am so happy with the result. This new design tells the “new”  niche of my blog.

Blog History

I started my blog in September 2014 on Blogger as background information for the book that I am writing. But from day one I knew: this is it! When I am thinking back of the first blogging months I know how much I improved my writing skills, photography, and SEO. I decided to take my blog to the next level. In March 2016 I migrated my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I am so happy with this decision. I started to learn more about SEO and photography.


New Season New Look

New strategy

I get so much satisfaction from blogging. I love to discover new blogs, to read your comments (thank you so much for the kind comments. It means a lot to me!). Yes, I am satisfied what I have achieved so far, but I want more 🙂 But for that, I have to have more patience…

New Season New Look

New Season New Look

From now one I will publish more posts about my huge love for ParisParis is such an inspiring city for me. I could write about it every day :). I will also write about fashion, travels and some lifestyle subjects. Photography will get more space on my blog because I love to share my love for it too.


So, what do think about my new plans? Tell me in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

xx Darina

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  1. Mooi artikel ,mooie header, doet het beter dan de vorige die overigens ook mooi was. Maar dit is lekker strak en eenvoudig. Mooi! Ga zo door!

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