My Travel Plans in 2017

 My Travel Plans in 2017

My Travel Plans in 2017

I love to look forward to this year full of lovely travels! I love the city life combined with relaxing moments at the beach or to visit “sleepy” villages. In this post I share my travel plans for  2017. It will be a different kind of travel year. We decided to spread the holidays more and not to plan too much! So, which travel plans do we have? I will tell you all about it!

Nice, France

My Travel Plans in 2017


Last week, I got a perfect offer in my mail for city trips. We had no holidays plan this Spring and during the summer months, because we have to renovate our gardens. I have booked a 5 days citytrip to Nice in the beginning of May. Can’t wait to stroll through Vieux Nice, to visit my favorite vintage shop and enjoy a drink at a sunny terrace.

Barcelona, Spain

My Travel Plans in 2017

In September, we will visit Barcelona, something new in our holiday plans! We have been in Barcelona many years ago and that was only for one day. Now we will spend five whole days and I am looking forward to discover this city. So, if you have recommendations, please share them in the comments below!

Alicante, Spain

My Travel Plans in 2017

From Barcelona we will travel to Alicante to spend five more days in this wonderful city. We will stay in the same hotel as we did last September.

This year, it will be different then other years and I think it will be fun…Maybe we will travel to Paris for a weekend or to Maastricht, we’ll see what this year will bring… One thing I know for sure! I can’t wait to explore these three cities and to share my photos and tips with you.

What are your travel plans this year?

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  1. Wauw, great travel plans you have! I’m not planning to go on a vacation this year, because I just bought my own apartment this year. But I’m already looking forward to going abroad next year!

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